Unfold Your Mind

Unfoldit is designed to test and enhance your spatial awareness abilities. In each level, a series of intermediate states of paper are shown as the paper is folded and hole-punched sequentially. Your job is to mentally unfold the paper and show where the hole punches are on the unfolded paper.

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Unfoldit for iOS & Android

Unfoldit for iOS

Unfoldit for Android

The Team

Max Brauer, Ryan Miles, Jackie Elliott, Clifford Panos , & Michael Xu

  • Android Developers:

    Ryan & Max

  • iOS Developers:

    Cliff & Michael

  • Data & Asset Architect:


Unfoldit in the Spotlight

Unfoldit was named a finalist invention in the Georgia Tech InVenture Prize, an Emmy Award-winning interdisciplinary innovation competition. We competed live on TV on March 13, 2019.

Beta Test Unfoldit

Keep up with the latest betas of future versions of Unfoldit through the TestFlight app for iOS & TestFairy platform for Android. Medium Level Packs are now available on iOS, and a redesigned version of Unfoldit for Android is now available, as well.